The Rz’s Bunny Deceiver in Golden Brown. I like to call it the Bunny Ducer but for Fly H20 they call it the Bunny Deceiver. The reason I like this Fly especially in our environment is it pushes lots of water and has a great profile and action. I bulk the crosscut bunny up with palmered flash which makes a bulky Neutral Buoyant fly in the water that pushes lots of water. When the water is dirty you need a little extra and this fly does it in spades. You can’t go wrong with this fly in any color.

Size 3/0 for large Tarpon. This Fly was definitely one of my GO TO Tarpon flies of the 2007 Tarpon Season. This Fly in this color and in black and red accounted for most of my larger Tarpon of the season and in the smaller version 1/0 it accounted for a large number of small Tarpon, Snook and Redfish. Most definitely when I look in my fly box I have to drag myself away from using only this fly.