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Calendar for best Fishing;

My two least favorite months to Fish the Naples and Marco area. Not because fishing isn’t any good at this time it is just unpredictable do to weather and winds. If the weather is good expect to catch a little of everything if the winds are up we will be bouncing a Jig on the bottom. Mixed Bags are common with Good Trout and Red fishing in these months.( Bait fishing should produce a mixed bag of Ladyfish, Jacks, Trout, Pompano, Sheepshead, and a few Redfish.

Fishing getting much better. Can be a little Windy especially March, but typically we have more good days than bad. March and April will see a resurgence of the Snook and Tarpon Fishing and a good chance at Big Fish, Large Snook and Tarpon over 100lbs. are common . Bait fishing still good and should be starting to come off of shrimp and onto White bait. Good Mixed bags weather permitting of Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Sheepshead, Jacks and Trout. This is Also when the Everglades bass Fishing really starts to pick up and a good time to try for the Super Slam.

Two of my favorite months to fish. Great Snook and Tarpon fishing both in the Backcountry and outside on the beaches. Redfish are also available and these two months are usually your best bet for your Slam. Fly fisherman this is the time of the year that have the least winds an your best opportunity. Fish are feeding and readily take artificial baits. This is a busy time I suggest booking months in advance if you want the best dates around the New or Full Moon. Still very good Bass Fishing in the glades.

Two of our best months to fish also. The caveat to this is weather again. If you are coming to fish these two months bring some rain gear. We typically get wet sooner or later. Good news mid summer prices in Naples and Marco get you your best deals on Food and Lodging. We tend to fish early and late after the afternoon storms. Expect to catch high numbers of Small Tarpon and nice Snook. Red fishing a little weaker but still available. Snapper fishing Excellent night and day. Bass not so good with all the rain.

Great late season Snook Fishing. Great month for the big females that have finished there spawn and want to feed on the huge amounts of bait that we have in the area at this time. Tarpon also plentiful with a small run of Big Tarpon coming thru during this period. Check the Hurricane forecast this is when they are the most prolific. Barring any bad weather this would be my favorite two months of the year to fish myself. Great fishing with little traffic on the water. Don’t even consider Bass Fishing way to much water and heat.

Our last two months of the year. I would call them an enigma. There can be some of the best fishing of the year or some of the worst. I would hate to try and predict but here goes. Redfish definitely the targets of best opportunity, next would be Snook if the cold fronts are late to materialize. Tarpon are typically here one day gone tomorrow. I do a lot of night fishing these two months it is usually your best chance at good numbers of Snook and Tarpon. Mixed bags are coming back into play with large numbers of Ladyfish, mackerel, Bluefish, and jacks showing up at this time. Bass fishing in the Lakes of Central Florida very good these two months. Two to Three Day trips to the lakes.

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